Short program for the local elections 2021 – BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN / local union Wolfenbüttel

Your town. Your environment. Your future.

Several ways lead to the future. Just as mankind has the power to destroy the world, it also has the power to make it a better place for everyone. We hold it in our own hands.

As BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN Wolfenbüttel we commit ourselves to making our town and the world a better place.

We, the Greens, stand up for a cosmopolitan and diverse society. We stand side by side with citizens‘ initiatives in the struggle against racism and violence of any kind. One of the challenges of the local elections 2021 is that Wolfenbüttel doesn’t drift to the right. We will not give a platform to hate and smear campaigns.

Our candidates are citizens of Wolfenbüttel who commit themselves to a town worth living in, in which everybody can feel at home. We, the Greens, look beyond the town borders, as our well-being should not be detrimental to people and nature elsewhere. We stand for a politics that is committed to sustainability. In this sense we see town development as an integrative concept that addresses all issues of societal life.

The coronavirus pandemic challenges communes enormously in their financial possibilities. Our town greatly needs investment in a sound infrastructure, a modern administration, an inclusive educational structure and social cohesion. We, the Greens, think that an austerity policy is the wrong way to address these problems. Such a communal policy will not be able to compensate a lack of income. We want to invest today and initiate development that enables Wolfenbüttel to become a carbon neutral town by 2030. To achieve this, we want to support a transition in energy and mobility and finally seize the chance of digital transformation.

Wolfenbüttel. If green, then truly!

Living together in Wolfenbüttel

We want …

  • more venues for people of different cultures, social backgrounds, generations, sexual orientations and religions in Wolfenbüttel to meet and work together
  • to certify Wolfenbüttel as a “child-friendly community”
  • into ensure inclusive language and practices in the town administration
  • to create a contact point and complaint process for people who experience discrimination
  • to declare the town of Wolfenbüttel a “Safe Harbour” for refugees

Citizen participation

We want …

  • to establish citizen councils as a tool for political participation in Wolfenbüttel
  • to give young people the opportunity to shape politics in Wolfenbüttel by means of a simulation game in local politics
  • to broadcast the meetings of the town council and its committees live via the Internet
  • to provide an online platform where initiatives of the citizens as well as of the administration can be discussed and concerted
  • to facilitate closer and more direct communication between the local administration and the citizens by means of an app called “Sag’s Wolfenbüttel” (“Tell it to Wolfenbüttel”)

Environment, nature and climate protection

We want …

  • Wolfenbüttel to become carbon neutral by 2030
  • to turn the position of the climate protection manager into a management staff office in the administration
  • into increase the renewable energy production, to apply energy savings and to undertake an energy-efficient renovation of the building stock of the town
  • to start a communal reforestation programme; to enact a tree protection charter for Wolfenbüttel and to plant wide crown trees on the whole municipal area in suitable places
  • to create perennial wildflower strips as insect pasture on leased public green areas and arable land
  • to lease public arable land only to organically managed farms
  • to actively promote the near-to-nature design of private gardens
  • to accelerate the retrieving of nuclear waste from the Asse mine
  • to bring about a solution to the question of intermediate and ultimate storage through an open-end comparison with two storage sites situated far from the Asse mine. This process must not slow down the preparations for the retrieval

Construction and housing

We want

  • to considerably increase the subsidies for the project “Jung kauft Alt” (“Young buys old” is a project supporting young people and families in buying old buildings in need of renovation) and to extend the project to the whole town as well as to the buying of freehold apartments from the housing stock
  • to set climate friendly renovation of the buildings as a precondition for subsidies by the project “Jung kauft alt”
  • to create new jobs with social environment perspective in order to support neighbourhood development in the local centres and in the urban districts
  • to reduce soil sealing to a minimum
  • to allow the extension of housing settlement beyond the town limits only if the planning considers the principles of a sustainable urban development
  • to develop master plans that consider all aspects of town development (housing and work, environment and mobility) and promote sustainability (multi-storey building, innovative concepts for building and housing, extended green areas)

Mobility and traffic

We want …

  • sustainable and inclusive mobility for all through smart and interconnected transportation: well synchronized bus and train schedules, safe bicycle lanes, modern traffic junctions, shopping amenities within walking distance and accessible paths
  • to offer car-sharing, bike-sharing and electric charging stations close to every house, and, to this aim set up mobility stations in residential areas on the whole urban area
  • to gradually convert the town’s vehicle fleet to electrical ones
  • to install wheelchair accessible traffic lanes respecting monument conservation on cobblestone pavement surfaces
  • to turn the space inside the „Okerumflut“ (river ring encompassing the inner town) as well as the residential area between Adersheimer and Goslarsche Straße into a bicycle zone
  • to enforce a traffic speed limit of 30 km/h and to restrict the heavy load traffic in the whole town area
  • to expand the bicycle and pedestrian lane network of the town so that the whole town area can be reached safely on foot and by bike
  • to set up more bike parking decks in residential areas with multi-storey buildings
  • to improve the existing parking decks and parking spaces and to facilitate the access to the town through a well-thought-out traffic routing

Kindergarten and schools

We want …

  • to quickly develop the supply of high-quality kindergarten, nursery and after-school care places to meet the needs of families
  • to ensure inclusive practices throughout municipal kindergartens
  • together with the town parents council, addressing the question of how the legal claim of an all day care place can be reliably implemented in Wolfenbüttel starting 2025
  • to renovate school yards in consultation with students
  • to assist all schools in realizing speedily their pedagogical concepts in the field of digitization
  • when acquiring digital hardware to choose durable device that can be repaired


We want …

  • to create a staff office for digitization so that it can be tackled systematically as a municipal development task
  • to push the supply of fibre optic cable to every doorstep
  • to offer free WIFI at more places, especially at central points of public amenities (e.g. Kornmarkt, railway station), cultural and social institutions (e.g. Bürgermuseum and quarter meeting points, dwelling for the homeless) as well as administrative centres (town hall)
  • to make available for free use all data and information of the local administration and other public organizations (e.g. the municipal energy supplier) that is not subject to data protection

Local economic policy

We want …

  • to promote the establishment of start-ups and mid-size companies that are working sustainably
  • to manage industrial real estate economically and ecologically in the handling of constructible surface and at the same time to consider biotope connections
  • to help the local stores to reach their customers online
  • to further raise the amenity values of our town centre and to redesign the Stadtmarkt as well as the other surfaces in the pedestrian zone
  • to secure small-scale supply in the districts in and around the town and to support the settlement of previously missing goods and services, e.g. through provision of inexpensive commercial spaces
  • to promote the fair-trade idea in Wolfenbüttel through a change in the subsidy rules of the town, gaining more agents e.g. in the fields of sport and culture

Art and culture

We want …

  • to allow free entrance to the municipal museums
  • to establish a round table of all cultural institutions located in Wolfenbüttel, regardless of their respective funding organization
  • to offer a theatre flat rate to young people from 16 on (students, pupils and trainees)
  • to include more cultural events for young people in the evening programme of the Lessing theatre
  • to visualize important historical buildings or sites that have been destroyed, e.g. the library rotunda by means of augmented reality

Sport and leisure

We want …

  • to sponsor clubs which follow the principles of fair trade in their acquisitions
  • to offer a sport clubs‘ day at Meesche sport park
  • to improve the quality of the paths in our parks
  • to add a new water-land for toddlers to the outdoor area of the swimming pool “Okeraue” and to shade the existing water playground
  • to facilitate the access to the open-air swimming pool in the summer through a second entrance situated at the camper van parking area